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Create a Personalized Proposal
Updated over a week ago

After your client completes a risk assessment and you have made an investment recommendation, the last step is to generate a personalized investment proposal.

How to Create a Proposal

From the home screen:

  1. Select a client > click Proposals > select an account to create a proposal for (the default is 'All Accounts':

  2. Select from a variety of templates (the default is the IPS or Investment Policy Statement):

  3. Customize the proposal by editing the main page, selecting/un-selecting content to include, and changing the titles of sections:

4. Click Generate Proposal to download a PDF (to save, email, or print for your client).

If a client hasn't completed a risk assessment...

If a client hasn't completed a risk assessment and you'd like to generate a proposal by using their current portfolio:

  1. Click Proposals > Select to either Generate a Recommendation or Upload Current Portfolio

    1. This will take you through the steps of selecting a model from your Active Model list for a recommendation, or

    2. uploading the client's account to generate a Current Portfolio Report.

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