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Active Models 101
Active Models 101
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The Active Model List is composed of:

  • Your custom, proprietary models

  • 3rd party models (i.e. Schwab, Fidelity, SEI, etc.)

    • Note: there is no charge associated with adding/using 3rd party models

Active Models are used to make a tailored recommendation for a client after they've completed an assessment and to generate a personalized investment proposal.

View Active Model List

From the home screen:

  1. Click View Active Models:

  2. The Active list is composed of models subscribed to from the Marketplace and Custom model's you've uploaded:

Add a Model

To add/upload a custom model onto TIFIN Wealth, from the home screen:

  1. Navigate to Investments > Models > Custom > click +Add Custom Models

  2. Choose to:

    • Build Model from Scratch, or

    • Upload Model Holdings

Build Model from Scratch

  1. Enter holdings by searching for Ticker, CUSIP, or Name

    1. Note: use $CASH for a cash position

  2. Enter share quantity or market value for each security

  3. Click +Add (repeat steps 1-3)

  4. Click Save

Upload Model Holdings

  1. Download the Sample File

  2. Copy/paste tickers and share quantity into the sample file & save your file

  3. Click Upload File to import the model

Upload Custom Returns

Upload historical returns for your custom model to adjust the model risk score, expected volatility and returns. Note: the upload file must contain at least 5 years of returns to upload correctly.

To upload historical returns:

  1. Select a model > click Upload Returns:

  2. Upload the monthly returns vile via .CSV or EXCEL (follow the format of the sample file):

  3. View the Last Uploaded date and the new TIFIN Risk Score for the model:

Use a 3rd Party Model

TIFIN Wealth partner's with 3rd party model providers for you to use as you build tailored recommendations and personalized proposals. To add a 3rd party model to your Active Model List:

  1. Click Marketplace:

  2. Click on the Model Name to view the series of models

  3. Click Activate

Blend Models

  1. Click Custom > click Add Custom Models:

  2. Select to Create Blend:

  3. Click Custom Models > select models to blend > click Next:

  4. Set Custom Weights (Percentage %) > click Next:

  5. Preview Model > click Save

  6. Blended models are designated via this symbol:


  • How do I add fixed income securities (CDs, annuities, bonds, etc.) to my models?

    • Some fixed income positions aren't recognized by TIFIN Wealth. In order to reflect the FI position in the model, use/assign a proxy ticker instead. For example, a proxy for a CD could be a money market fund because the risk score for each would be relatively safe/conservative (typically reflected with a risk score of 1).

  • I'm receiving an error message when uploading my model/file.

    • This could be due to common errors. Make sure:

      • Any cash positions are reflected via $CASH

      • Substitute any fixed income positions with a proxy ticker instead

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