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Add/Edit a Client or Prospect
Add/Edit a Client or Prospect
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There are three ways to add clients or prospects into TIFIN Wealth:

  1. Enter manually

  2. Upload a bulk contact list

  3. Import via an integration with a custodian or CRM (view this article for more).

Add a Client or Prospect

Enter a Client or Prospect Manually

  1. Navigate to Clients & Prospects > select either the Clients or Prospects list

  2. Click the Add button in the top right corner

  3. Fill in the appropriate client or prospect details > Click Next

Bulk Upload Contact Lists

  1. From the home screen, click Clients & Prospects > click Add Client > click Bulk Upload in the bottom left corner:

  2. Download the Sample File and copy/paste information into the file, save, and then re-upload into TIFIN Wealth:

    1. Note: the “type” column refers whether the individual is a client or prospect:

Connect with your Custodian or CRM

View This Article for instructions on how to import your client & prospect information via a connection with your Custodian or CRM.

Edit a Client's or Prospect's details

Find your client or prospect > click the 3 dots to the right of their name to:

  • Edit their name or email address

  • Move a prospect to your client list

  • Delete

  • Add to Household

  • Merge Individuals


  • I'm getting an error message when adding my client or prospect

There are two common reasons why you would see an error message when adding a new client or prospect:

  1. The email is being used for another client or prospect. TIFIN Wealth does not allow you to add a person with an email that is already being used. You'll need to use a different email, or you can use the same email and add a +1 before the email domain. For example, if the email is [email protected], you would enter [email protected]. It tricks the system into thinking it's anew email address, but it operates as the same email address.

  2. The client or prospect record was previously deleted. You cannot re-add someone that was previously deleted from the system.

    You will need to chat online with our support team and request to have the person re-added to your client or prospect list. Or you can use the work around mentioned above and add the person's email by entering a +1 before the email domain.

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